PACE Trial ‘Improvers’

Now that QMUL have provided a smidgen of data to work with, I am glad to provide readers with a chart illustrating the results of a £5 million waste of money.  GET and CBT are not treatments.  Just 10% appeared to get slight treatment effect – we are still waiting for the ‘Recovery’ figures.  10% is not a credible treatment-effect.  It is merely an artefact, most likely a result of shockingly lax recruitment criteria.  If any more proof were needed by any half-objective and half-intelligent person, this is the final proof that GET and CBT are a waste of time and money.



One thought on “PACE Trial ‘Improvers’

  1. Hello!
    I’m working on a blog piece for ME Awareness hour’s blog on the PACE fiasco, and I was wondering if I might borrow your charts from this post and the PACE trial participants – were they exploited post. I’ll credit you, of course, and provide links. I’m just trying to get my head round the numbers without actually having to read through all the research paper, you see. Anything like that just doesn’t go in anymore – Brain fog once I’ve read a couple of sentences.
    If not, just let me know.


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