The lightning process, coercion and placebo.

“I weep for this devoted mother. For I, too, watched my daughter endure a living death from ME”. By Esther Rantzen. The Daily Mail.  9 December 2008.

“The Lightning Process is a kind of neuro-linguistic approach which trains the brain to withstand the symptoms of the illness.

“And although the process, I am told, does not work for everyone with ME, it worked for Emily, and for many other patients I have subsequently recommended should try it.”

“At last, I have discovered the secret of Emily’s 14 lost years”.  by Esther Rantzen”. The Daily Mail.  15 February 2011.

“When Emily developed ME, she was tested for all sorts of things to make sure there was no other underlying illness.

“But at no time was she ever tested for coeliac disease.”

So the fact is that Emily did not have M.E. and she never had.  She had coeliac disease and it was not cured by the lightning process even though 3 years earlier Rantzen had claimed that her daughter was cured.  Emily was actually cured by not eating any gluten.

And that is how the lightning process ‘works’.  It is pure quackery which exploits the placebo-effect, coerces ‘patients’ into claiming that they are cured and incidentally, makes money for its ‘practitioners’.  Some people will remember Ester Rantzen from ‘That’s Life’, a TV programme which often exposed quackery, fraud and other malpractice.  But even she was taken in.  Had Emily not remained ill and continued to search for the cause of her illness, she would still be ill today with coeliac disease.